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How our service for College students works!

Professional team of writers and timely delivery for granted!

We always keep in touch with our customers during the process of academic paper writing. To ensure the quality of the work – our customers should be available through their phone number or via email.Carefully and completely filled in order form on our site is a guarantee that our writer is fully aware of the requirements, deadlines and other essential issues concerning your paper. It’s desirable that you submit the form maximum accurately, because it’s rather inconvenient to change your order priorities during the writing process.The main thing that determines the paper’s price is urgency. Our writers only start a research when payment is received. Our company offers a complete refund either in case the task is delivered with delays according to a previously set deadline or paper is composed incorrectly.

It is a standard procedure of our company to call you and verify your personal information. Sometimes our support calls you just after you placed an order with us. Please understand that those procedures are performed for the security of our customers and safety of our company. Some additional confirmation of the cardholder’s identity and your payment may be requested.The copy of the form you have  submitted on our site – purchase essay online,will be sent to your email. You are free to use that information in our future communication. Some of that information may be useful for solving issues with the assigned writer or our customer service representative that may occur during the writing process.

How our service for College students works! in touch withIt is advised that you check email address that you provided us for some news or updates concerning your task. Or you can use an intuitive user interface system on our website that has all the messages that were sent on your email.

The status of your task is updated regularly, however don’t be afraid if there is no dedicated writer to contact with yet. We monitor all the task requests to give them to the only writer that has all the academic experience that required to finish the task in time and with great result.If there are some new requirements to your task appeared it is essential that you would let us know as soon as possible. Be informed that in case there are some changes to the length of paper or some other vital part of the task, some additional funding may be required.

Don’t panic if the status of your task doesn’t change or the writer doesn’t respond to your question. Our writers usually check website for any new questions from the customers once every day, none of your requests will be left without an answer. However if the task is urgent, all the questions and requests will be answered within one or two hours.When the deadline of the task approaches, please check your email or personal page on our site regularly. The letter containing a link to your paper will be either on your email or personal page, whichever you asked for.

After reading your finished task please feel free to leave any comments at our reviews section. We value your reviews and believe that they help us become even better. All customers are also eligible for a free correction of a paper (if required) within 14 days from the time of delivery. All those corrections are free of charge as soon as there are no changes in requirements.